Founded in 2010, First Post is an independent game and app development studio that develops and publishes its own content across web, mobile and social platforms. Our teams are entertainment industry veterans with experience working with amazing game and television brands including EverQuest, Quake III Arena, Rainbow Six, Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures, DC Universe Online, The Apprentice, and New Girl.

The name "First Post" was inspired by internet lingo and is the word used for whenever someone is first to comment on a new site, article or forum post. We named the company First Post to echo our market position, since we are early adopters of new technology, frequently trying out new devices and platforms for potential use with games.

Jacob Robinson Founder & CEO Jacob has over 15 years of managing interactive production teams for entertainment companies including Sony Online Entertainment, Atari, Mad Catz, and Mplayer Entertainment Network. He is a gadget geek, an emerging technology hound, and an avid fan of energy drinks. In his spare time he can be found designing new apps and APIs or tumbling down mountains with his mountain bike. Tom Nguyen Technical Director Tom is a computer science graduate from CSU and has been developing games across a variety of platforms and technologies including Unity, XBL, iOS and HTML5. Tom can often be found glued to his computer programming or researching new technologies until sunrise. Davide Bianca Creative Director Davide is not only First Post's Creative Director, but he is also the CEO of Saizen Media, an award-winning Milan-based digital creative agency who has experience working with renound brands including BMW, DC Comics, Final Fantasy, Toyota, Lexus, Toshiba and Fox. Stacey Sofia Clarke Sr. Producer Stacey is our heavy hitter at First Post, keeping tabs on our many projects in the company and ensuring the teams are meeting deadlines. Word to the wise, do not stand in her way or face the fury and wrath of Stacey! Justin Joseph Media Producer While not touring for Major League Gaming (MLG) tournaments breaking the hearts of other professional Halo players, Justin is producing music, videos and apps at First Post. Matt Pauley Artist Matt is an evil genius when it comes to working with the wacom pad and 3D. We still have not figured out how to keep him from placing objects on his head, but as long as he is creating amazing artwork, we're all happy! Pivot Hero Pivot has a BS in heroics, loves to sit at dance clubs, and has saved the world more times than your backyard rodent. Give his ego some support and like his fan page on Facebook (really, a fan page... this guy).