COMPANY OVERVIEW Founded in 2010, First Post Studios has positioned itself as a leader in both current and emerging digital platform development. With a focus on cross-platform experiences, First Post Studios is currently developing games and technology for such platforms as Web, Mobile (iOS, Android), Google Glass and Virtual Reality (Oculus Rift, Morpheus). WHY "FIRST POST"? What's in a name? Well, everything. In our case, First Post represents our philosophy towards innovation and life. In a forum, the person who posts first sets the tone. Not only are they the first see, read, know and comment, but they influence the rest and stand out from the crowd. This has been First Post Studios' approach from the beginning: Lead by example and push the envelope of digital technology.
LEADERSHIP Jacob Robinson
Founder & CEO
Jacob Robinson founded First Post in 2010 with the vision of a company who keeps up with emerging technologies and platforms rather than trailing behind them. Jacob has over 18 years of experience in the game and web industry having worked with companies including Sony Online Entertainment, Atari, Mad Catz and Mplayer Entertainment Network. Brad Crayton
Chief Revenue Officer
Brad Crayton heads the business development team at First Post. He brings over 20 years of experience as a business manager in Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Operations. Stacey Sofia Clarke
Chief Operating Officer
Stacey Sofia Clarke is an integral part of all aspects of First Post's project roster and resource management. Stacey has over 13 years of game and entertainment industry experience including engineering, project management, and producing extensive localization efforts for companies like Sony Online Entertainment and NTN/Buzztime. Gentry Kramer
Director of Business Development
Gentry Kramer is part of the First Post business development team in charge of new and emerging markets. Gentry has over 15 years of sales management experience and a proven track record in identifying clients' needs. Davide Bianca
Executive Creative Director
Davide Bianca is First Post's award winning Creative Director. Davide has worked with such renowned brands as BMW, DC Comics, Final Fantasy, Toyota, Lexus, Toshiba and Fox. Tom Nguyen
Technical Director
Tom Nguyen is a computer science graduate from Cal State and has developed games and experiences across a variety of platforms and technologies including Unity, XBL, iOS, HTML5 and Oculus VR. Jonathan Hudson
Technical Director
Jonathan Hudson has an extensive game design and graphic arts background. That, coupled with his amazing programming talent, allows Jonathan to approach game development from a very unique position. Primarily a Unity developer, Jonathan excels in cross-platform experiences.