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Handcrafting digital experiences pixel by pixel since 2010.

Meet First Post

Building Brand Experiences Since 2010.

First Post is a digital creative agency that builds bold brands with heart, gusto, and cutting-edge technology. While we got our start in gaming, our portfolio has grown to reflect our full-service capabilities thanks mostly to nods in our direction from past clients.

When First Post initially started in 2010, discussion forums were a hip form of social media. Since then, a lot has changed. What's stayed the same, though, is our constant drive to be the First Post – the discussion leaders, the change makers, the pioneers.

"First post" is most often used to describe ones "ownage" over all other posters that plan on making a comment.

We're not big on buzzwords or fancy suits. We are big on engaging ideas, lasting relationships, transparency, and story-driven brand creation that does more than just sell.

You can find us building brand experiences, talking occasional trash, and enjoying the entire process at our office in sunny Temecula, California –– not too far from the buzz of the city of San Diego, but closer to the buzz of wine country –– just the way we like it.

What We Do

Our roots come from creating game websites in the mid-90's, when animated GIFs were the 'next big thing', the battle of the browsers raged between Microsoft and Netscape and Google just was an idea in Larry Page and Sergey Brin's head. Over the past few decades we've continued to support the gaming and film industry with games and web development. First Post also provides services to other industry clients which have ranged from lifestyle applications, financial companies to platforms for law enforcement.

Experience = Faster, Better and on Time

Our team brings the experience to the table required to have a successful project launch. As a stakeholder you not only have a timeline and budget you need to stay in, but expectations and vision. First Post has been recognized by its clients to deliver beyond expectations while guiding clients along the way to ensure a successful launch.

SkyReacher is our in-house game development studio creating immersive game content that connects and engages audiences. All games produced by First Post are published under the SkyReacher label. SkyReacher launched its first successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter surrounding its Multiplayer Online Battle Arena title, One Tower which launched on Steam via Early Access. Our latest title, Legendary DXP was developed in partnership with Upper Deck on based on its top-selling deck-building game, Legendary. Legendary DXP is available on iOS, Android and Steam.